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Major General Fred J. Ascani cont.

A Tribute to General Ascani


It is with great sadness that I announce that my dearest friend General Ascani passed away in his sleep on the Morning of 28th March 2010, he was 92.


I feel very fortunate to have had such a wonderful and lasting friendship with General Ascani. I have so many happy memories of you Fred... conversations, emails, letters, photographs and encounters we had over the years. I feel truly blessed to have had such a friendship with you and I will miss you terribly. The section of this website about General Ascani is dedicated to the memory of the finest individual I have ever had the good fortune to encounter. General Ascani was a warrior, leader, gentleman and very dear friend. The living earth is a much poorer place without you Fred.... but heaven is now all the richer for your prescence.















Jackie Ridley's autograph is surely one of the rarest test pilot signatures and certainly nigh on impossible to obtain. The above photograph which is signed by Jack Ridley, Fred Ascani and Chuck Yeager was a most generous gift from my dear friend General Ascani. I am deeply honoured to be entrusted with its safe-keeping and have displayed it here in honor of General Ascani and the late Jack Ridley who perished when the C-47 in which he was a passenger flew into the side of Mt Fuji in Japan on March 12, 1957.


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An authorised biography of General Ascani's life has been written by retired USAF Lt. Colonel Sheryl F. Hutchinson and has just been published. "MENTOR INBOUND The Authorized Biography of Fred J. Ascani, Major General, USAF Retired: Holder of the 1951 World Speed Record " is currently available via the publishers website and if you click on the image below you will be transported to the order page of the website. The book is priced at $19.95 (paperback) and $24.95 (hardback).


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A gift from General Ascani