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Brigadier General Robert L. Cardenas

Currently, General Cardenas serves as a member of the San Diego Mayor’s Veteran Advisory Board and as a Director on the Board of the Veterans Memorial Center & Museum (VMC). General Cardenas actively started a “Living history” library at the VMC so the little guys would not be forgotten. In addition, General Cardenas secured 16 computers for the VMC and has established a computer school for veterans to better prepare them for a job and keep them from becoming homeless. General Cardenas has just started a committee that works with the City Public Administrator to provide dignified burial and honors for unclaimed homeless veterans. Toward that end, the VMC is in the process of acquiring Cemetery acreage from civilian cemeteries to be operated as Satellites of Rosecrans National Cemetery, since Rosecrans is full! This will provide approximately 90,000 coffin burial plots within a couple of years whilst a new National Cemetery is created. Last year, there were 340,000 veterans in San Diego County. This year it will be down to 280,000.


As a former Chairman of the Flight test Historical Foundation at Edwards AFB, General Cardenas now serves as a Trustee to the FTHF. The Foundation is the fund raising arm of the AFFTC Museum at Edwards AFB and the SR-71 “Black Bird Air Park” in Palmdale, California.


Secretary Anthony Principi recently appointed General Cardenas to the VA Memorials and Cemetery Committee in Washington. It is a Statutory Advisory Committee that meets in Washington and other locations. General Cardenas currently enjoys life at home with his wife Gladys and their children and grandchildren in San Diego, California.


I am honored to have been able to publish General Cardenas biography and display the wonderful photographs opposite in my website. I would like to thank General Cardenas for the kindness and friendship he has shown to me. The photographs opposite were all very kindly signed and sent to me by General Cardenas and these are now prized additions to my growing collection of aerospace memorabilia.

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Autographed Photographs


The photographs displayed in the gallery on the previous page can be purchased directly from General Cardenas. General Cardenas will personally sign any of the photographs should you wish (please remember to state the photograph you wish). Photographs are available at a cost of $10 per photograph. To obtain an autographed photograph, please write to General Cardenas to request one. Please remember to include in your letter to whom you wish to have the photograph personalized to. For postage and handling, you must include a stamped ($5.00 should be sufficient) self addressed envelope (you should use a stiffened envelope to prevent the photograph from being damaged in the mail) for your photograph's return. If you live outside of the USA, please enclose 6 international reply coupon's which will be available from your local post office. Also available are Aluminum Collectors cards of the B-29/X-1 and YB-49 Flying Wing. These cards would make a wonderful addition to any aviation enthusiast's collection of memorabilia. The cards are available at a cost of $10 each. Payment should be sent either in cash or a personal check made payable to "Robert L. Cardenas"


Please send your requests to:


Brigadier General Robert L. Cardenas USAF ret.

6143 Madra Avenue

San Diego

CA 92129



General Cardenas can be contacted via email at [email protected]

Please be patient for your email to be answered.

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