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My name is Derek Horne and I am the author of this web site. Over the past 10 years or so (the length of time I've had a web site) I've been very fortunate with the friends and acquaintances I've made since creating my website. Through these friendships and acquaintences I've managed to gather quite a collection of autographs, paintings, lithographs, models and other items of memorabilia pertaining to the history of Edwards AFB, flight test and manned space flight. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank those that have been kind enough to send me this material and for all their friendship, support and generosity. Many of these items are shown in the galleries to the left along with items which I have bought from various individuals/auctions.


Below you will find some photographs taken at various events I've been fortunate enought to attend.

Gathering of Eagles


In October of 2003 I was fortunate enough to make a trip out to California to attend the Flight Test Historical Foundations "Gathering of Eagles" banquet and symposium at the Park Plaza Hotel in Lancaster. During my trip I also toured Edwards AFB, visited the museum and attended the Open House and Airshow. Below are some photographs from that trip.



I have been very fortunate to be able to attend various Autographica shows, starting with my Autographica 2004 at the Royal Court Hotel in Coventry which was held on October 8th to October 12th, 2004. It was an honour to meet Valery Bykovsky, Valentina Tereshkova, Ed Mitchell, Al Worden and Charlie Duke all of whom took time to speak with me and pose for the following photographs. Then in 2005 at the Radisson Hotel at Heathrow I met Buzz Aldrin, Dick Gordon, Jack Lousma, Scott Carpenter, Vladimir Dzhanibekov, Valery Kubasov & Yuri Romanenko. The 2006 event was also held at the Radisson and there I met, Alexei Leonov, Brian Binnie (SpaceShipOne pilot), Yuri Onufrienko & Rusty Schweickart. The 2007 event was again held at the Radisson and I was fortunate to meet from Apollo 13 Jim Lovell, Fred Haise & Sy Liebergot. Also attending were Bruce McCandless, Anatoli Artebarsky, Salizhan Sharipov and legendary British Test Pilot Captain Eric Brown.

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Below are web sites I have personally used to buy items from. I hope you find the links useful.

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